Concrete mixture capacity [cub.m/hr]
0.09 to 1,08
Alkali-resistant glassfiber rovings capacity [kg/ minute]
Compressed maximum air flow rate / allowable pressure, [cub.m /minute] / [atm]
Warranty period
1 year
Price [RUR]
The price of a mixture spraying gun is * rubles (including N.S.T. engineering specifications and manuals)
A remotely operated mortar pump SO-150[A] has electronic speed-drive motor controller that can smoothly adjust the output rate


-150[] units can be used as mortar pumps. Their output rates are too high (0.36 to 0.72 cub.m/hr) when in a standard configuration, which makes them unsuitable for manufacturing small features or undersized products without adjusting the output rate. N.S.T. has solved this problem by completing the standard unit with an electronic speed-drive motor controller that can smoothly adjust the output rate for small-size GRC product manufacture.
When only shotcreting is required (i.e. applying GRC as a protective render), one doesnt have to reduce the mortar pump capacity.

The compressor discharge directly depends on the mortar pump output rate. When the mortar pump capacity is between 0.6 and 0.72 cub.m/hr, the compressor flow rate must not be less than 3.5 cub.m (in case of PKS 3.5, for instance). Stationary electrical compressors are heavy-weight (about 700 kg). Portable compressor can be both electrical and diesel-driven, but they are more expensive.

High capacity is not essential for a stationary compressor in case of production of small-size items. When the mortar pump output is low (less than 0.24 m3/hour), one may use a compressor with a capacity as low as 2000 l/min, e.g. a K-3 compressor.

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