Construction standards specify two main manufacturing techniques for GRC-structures:

Spraying components onto a mold, a special matrix used for shaping flat or curved thin-walled structures and protective covers;
Premixing followed by molding, which may be done with vibration casting, radial roller molding, roller press forming, extrusion molding, and other methods.

Two other techniques that can also be mentioned are:

The contact method that may be described as successive placement of glass fiber reinforcing layers and impregnation of each layer with cement binding agent;
Product shaping by curving an unhardened flat glass-reinforced sheet and secondary shaping, which is possible due to the good elastic properties of hardened glassfiber reinforced concrete
The GRC production process flows for spraying and premixing are shown in the diagram.
The following basic equipment is recommended for different GRC manufacturing techniques. This list is not comprehensive, but covers the essential tooling for the arrangement of your production area:

1. In workshop conditions and on construction sites (for example, when applying the mixture onto inflated forms or when making a waterproof coating), GRC spraying requires the following equipment:

A remotely operated mortar pump to feed fine-grained concrete mixture at variable flow rates to the SO-150 type spraying assembly (spray gun). Manufacturer: NST. Price RUR 62,422;
A mixture spraying gun complete with a chopping device. Manufacturer: NST. Price RUR 67,378;
An SO-46B type mixer for fine-grained GRC mixtures;
A compressor furnished with an air-treatment system (for instance, a Kamozzi oil-and-moisture separator a 5? filter is sufficient for an air-operated drill). Note that when a -3, PKS-3.5 or PKS-5.25 type high-capacity compressor is operated in extremely humid conditions, one should use expensive air-dryers, otherwise the compressors pneumatic assembly will have a reduced service life;

2. The premixing process requires:

SO-46B mixing equipment;
A fiber cutting and proportioning device (a spray gun with a separate mortar-and-glassfiber mixing unit can be used for this purpose). Price: RUR 67,378.

Certain accessories and tooling must be used to optimize both the spraying and premixing process flows. One can use, for instance, a special device to mount, fix and move the spray gun over the mold, an overhead crane to carry the sprayed GRC-components to the conditioning department, a drying chamber (heat-and-moist curing) to speed up the GRC quality upgrading process, instruments to control the quality of raw materials (cement, sand, water, chemical additives), including the glassfiber roving humidity, a cradled hydraulic ram (which is sometimes required for on-site GRC spraying), and other equipment.

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