"Pena-98" = Penopolyurethane foam insulation = Polymer #1

New construction technologies, Inc also develops, produces and realizes an equipment for thermal isolation - "penoisol", foam concrete, Glassfiber reinforced concrete, pneumatic vibrators and other equipment.

  Other technologies:
polyurethane foam insulation

PENA 2000 type units do not have conventional foam generators. Foam is produced inside an expandable ten-meter long hose. The volume of foam is twice as much as can be produced by a foam generator from the same amount of material...

polyurethane foam insulation
Our pneumatic vibrators are intended for vibratory processing of any types of production materials, which can be displaced, compacted or separated...
polyurethane foam insulation
Glassfiber reinforced concrete (GRC) is a variety of fiber reinforced concrete and is manufactured from fine grained concrete (concrete matrix) and reinforcing glass fiber strings that ...
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